PROFILE: Nick Blain


Nick Blain, Educator Extraordinaire
Superintendent, Red Lick Schools
1989 Graduate of Leadership Texarkana

When you meet Nick Blain he has a daunting appearance as many superintendents do and should have.  But if you spend any time getting to know this Superintendent with the soulful blue eyes of Red Lick ISD in Red Lick, Texas you would find out that he cares deeply.  He is a Godly man, a family man, and most of all he wants to meet his maker knowing he has left this earth a better place.

These statements in themselves aren’t that remarkable.  Most would say they want to do this (or I would hope).  But Nick Blain has gone about doing it.  He sees children as the future and when many would be out on the ranch enjoying their retirement, he is still at it, trying to make his corner of the world a better a place.  

Most people do not know that he has very large ranch with 2400 acres to be exact.  He also adds that how most of his early life has dealt with farming.  He says, “… Most of my early life was spent on a tractor or a horse.”

Nick Blain came out of retirement in July of 2009 when he was called to be Interim Superintendent of Liberty-Eylau ISD in Texarkana, TX.  He had retired from that position back in 1999 after a very long career as Superintendent and other administrative posts there as well.  He remained there as interim until September.  Then in 2014 he became Superintendent of Red Lick ISD in Red Lick, Texas.  He is at that post currently. 

If he had one wish to make a huge difference in the world or his corner of it Nick stated that he wanted harmony.  “I would wish for harmony and peace between all ethnicities and collaboration between all people, regardless of age, ethnicity, and economic standing to promote strong education institutions and programs which in turn could promote economic growth and eliminate poverty, allowing Texarkana to flourish in the future” says Blain.  

Nick Blain believes leadership is the “art of leading individuals and/or organizations from one point to another while at the same time allowing them to assume ownership in the journey to establish a vision, mission, … and beliefs… Leadership is to know when to lead, when to follow, and when to get out of the way in order for a positive progression to occur”.  This is more than a definition from an educator in Nick Blain’s mind.  This is a code that Nick Blain lives by.  

Read a bit more about Nick Blain - Wilbur Award Honoree of 2012

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