LIFT: For the People Had a Mind to Work

As a graduate of Leadership Texarkana I was enlightened on all of the history, culture, arts, and other services offered right here, hidden somewhat but here. We must work together to share in what is available and what our real growth potential could be with a united effort. Our community has been talking the talk for years, now let’s join forces and do the walk that we have been talking about. Texarkana can be and will be as great as we (the citizens on both sides) allow it. My perspective is from someone who was not born here, did not grow up here, did not attend schools here; but have been here over fourteen years as a pastor, as an educator, as a community leader, and I can see the vision of a strong, flourishing, industrial, educational, and united city. Let us work together in bringing Texarkana as a leader in both states and in this region, and sign on to the LIFT Initiative for Texarkana. “…For the people had a mind to Work”

 Terry Taylor is the Senior Pastor of the Church of the Living God, Associate High School Principal located at Washington 4-A, and a member of the Board of Trustees of Texarkana College

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