Did You Know: Week of January 30, 2017

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Speaking of Second to None...


The first Razorbacks in Arkansas were the Texarkana Arkansas High School Razorbacks (AHS)! Most people generally think that the first Arkansas Razorbacks originated with the University of Arkansas (U of A), but actually the University’s first team was formed in 1894 and their mascot was originally the Cardinals. It wasn’t until 1910 that the students at the University voted to change the mascot name to the Arkansas Razorbacks. U of A subsequently made an agreement with Arkansas High School to “use” OUR Razorback logo as THEIR mascot, in turn, giving AHS used athletic equipment from the university.

Per Bill Lavender (former legal counsel for the Texarkana Arkansas School District, AHS Class of 1957 member, and owner of the Lavender Law Firm), some 20 years or so ago, upon learning that the University was interested in perfecting its legal right  to protect the trademark of the “Arkansas Razorbacks”, as legal counsel to the District, communicated with the U of A’s legal counsel at the time and asserted on behalf of the District a prior use of “Texarkana Razorbacks” by phone and in writing. The counsel for the University never denied the earlier use by Texarkana, and although the university had been licensing the logo and related products for several years, there was no quarrel with Texarkana Arkansas School District continuing to use the name, “Texarkana Razorbacks”.

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