Did You Know? Scott Joplin's Closest Living Relative Still Resides in Texarkana

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Scott Joplin's Closest Living Relative Still Resides in Texarkana!

Mrs. LaErma White of Texarkana, Arkansas, is the great niece of the legendary Scott Joplin, and is a permanent fixture in the Iron Mountain Addition community in Texarkana, Arkansas. At 96 years of age she is still an active member of the Lonoke Baptist Church and a tremendous supporter of her community. At one time, Mrs. White ran a kindergarten day care for children from all communities in the Texarkana area. She was also a leading force behind the vision of the Iron Mountain Addition Community Center, which still today offers services to youths from the City’s various communities.  

Over the years, Mrs. White has garnered numerous awards for her community support and lifelong example of service, including the Volunteerism Award at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Evening Black Tie Gala, which was presented to her in 2015.

In July of 2015, Mrs. White painted the first stroke to refresh the mural of Scott Joplin, expressing her gratitude that he is still recognized for God-given gifts.

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