Did You Know: LifeNet is helping improve our community's survival rates for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest?

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LifeNet is helping improve our community’s survival rates for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest?

Out-of hospital cardiac arrests are a major health problem in the US, and survival is not guaranteed! BUT thanks to the services of the non-profit LIFENET, INC. organization, our local area can boast survival rates that far exceed the national average, which we join them in celebrating!

LifeNet Director David Baumgardner and his team are committed to outstanding service, but also encourage the public to play an active role by being trained in CPR heart compression techniques (which they willingly provide!), and by investing in on-site defibrillators.

LifeNet, Inc is a not-for-profit corporation providing cost effective, high quality ground and air ambulance services throughout Northeast Texas, Southwest Arkansas, and Central Oklahoma. 

The company’s emergency medical services and non-emergency ambulance operation currently respond to more than 61,000 annual calls and covers more than 4,500 square miles with a fleet of 54 Mobile Intensive Care units (MICU).

We also operate two helicopter medical programs, based in Texarkana and Hot Springs. Either aircraft can be airborne within ten (10) minutes once the necessary validation of air transport is made. The service is available for scene calls or inter-facility transports within a 150-mile radius of either base.

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