PROFILE: Paul Norton


Paul Norton 
Superintendent, TISD
LT Class of 2014
Yet Another "Best and Brightest" Native

There is a saying that we all have a twin somewhere.  For Paul Norton, an identical twin is a reality.  Many mistake the two brothers for one another.  But for those who get to know Paul Norton after just a short time know that he is a one-of-a-kind person that makes the youth of Texarkana his priority.

 Paul Norton is a graduate of Leadership Texarkana and currently serves on the LT Board.  When asked what impact he has gained from his experiences with LT Paul says, “Leadership Texarkana opened my eyes to the many opportunities we have in Texarkana”.  He adds that he has lived in Texarkana most of his life and that he thought he knew most about “our great city”.  But that after graduating from his class he realized the “deep traditions and history Texarkana USA has to offer”.  Most of all, he noticed the potential still to be had for Texarkana as a community by “working together” and what greatness could still be obtained.

We asked Paul what leadership means to him.  His answer deals with being an example of the term as well as being a “servant leader”.  “One of the biggest challenges in leadership is allowing other people to grow and to build a future crop of leaders within our community,” said Norton.  He adds that people have a wrong thinking that leadership is the “title”.  Paul notes, “…In reality it is a responsibility… to help others reach their fullest potential and to show them how to reach that potential.”

Paul Norton has had a long career of showing people the path to their potential.  He began that career 1996 as a teacher and coach for Pleasant Grove Middle School.  From there, he moved to the high school in the same positions later to become  Assistant Principle at PGHS.  He came to the TISD Tiger Family in 2001 as Associate Principle of Texas High and served as Principle of THS from 2003-2011.  Then he took his current position as Superintendent in June of 2011. Join this with too many volunteer efforts, board appointments and other works to mention and you get that picture of “servant leadership” Paul talks about.   

If he had one wish to make a huge difference in Texarkana it again links to his career in a very compassionate way. “My one wish would be for all family [and community) members to be involved in every aspect of the lives of their children,” responded Norton.  He says that if they were “involved” that the result would be all encompassing.  He knows what pieces of the puzzle are needed to make this happen.  He mentions how the results could change so much for the better in Texarkana.

 Paul Norton says he is an “open book” because so many know about him.  And if you do know him, you know that he loves his wife, Holly, and three children.  One funny comment that many may not know about him is that he gets asked many questions about TexAmericas because of his identical twin brother, Scott.  Vice versa for Scott.  But the glimmer in his eyes and the energy in his speech about TISD would soon give him away.  

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